Looking for one-on-one support? Perhaps I’ll be the right counselling fit for you. With years of experience covering a broad range of complex issues you can expect to be treated with professionalism and simple human respect in a safe and confidential space.

We all have a story – it’s a rare person who misses out on suffering through stresses or challenges that come along. What are you dealing with at the moment? Parenting challenges, family relationships, workplace difficulties, intimate relationship concerns, coping with loss or change, making meaning from difficult experiences, or needing help with anxiety, depression, abuse or trauma?

I offer:

Member Australian Counselling Association, 12 years experience in both private practice and in a non-government organisation. Diploma of Professional Counselling, further training in trauma therapies (RET, EMIT), domestic violence, childhood sexual assault, parenting education, behaviour therapy, group work. I use a range of therapies so that I can participate in the way you feel most comfortable, from meditation and dream therapy, to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and talk therapies.

Contact me to ask about appointment times and very reasonable rates.